“...passing on to others what God has given us.”                    I Corinthians 11:23

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Andrew, Rebecca, David, and Ashley Easter 2003

Introducing Rev, David Delph, his wife, Rebecca and their two children: Ashley, (11) and Andrew (9). David has been an ordained pastor for 14 years. After serving seven years as the Associate Pastor of the Spanish Fort Presbyterian Church in Spanish Fort, Alabama as the Youth Director and Director of Christian Education, they moved to Thomaston, Georgia where he has served as the pastor for the last seven (almost 8) years. David graduated from Presbyterian College in 1985, and from Columbia Theological Seminary in 1988. He is currently in the midst of a doctorate program at of the University of Dubuque Theological Seminary in Iowa. David's Birthday is October 3.

David considers it a great pleasure to have been able to serve the Lord’s church in all these different times and places, but considers the possibility of a pastorate in Plant City would be special because both Rebecca and David were born and raised in Bartow, Florida. After 20 years of being "out there", it is their desire to be able to say, "It’s so good to be home!" They thank God for this opportunity to be here and thank this church dearly for welcoming them into our midst.

Additional comments by Pastor Delph:

While this is by no means an exhaustive introduction, let me take a moment to tell you a little about the family.

Rebecca is looking forward to getting back to Florida to be close to her parents. She is a Registered Nurse and enjoys working with Hospice patients. She is very involved with the church in Sunday School, VBS, children’s programs and choir. She loves many types of music and plays the flute, oboe, and piano. She loves being in or around water. One of her many joys is "snorkeling" in springs or in the ocean. Rebecca was born to Allen and Betty Hain in Bartow, Florida on July 10.

There are some things you should know about Rebecca from my (David’s) point of view: Rebecca is the perfect example of the "Jack of All Trades"; she can do just about anything that needs doing! She is truly gifted in countless disciplines. To this day I am stunned by all she does for her family and for her church. She is truly a God-given gift to me, our family as well as any Church fortunate enough to have her.

Ashley. age 11, is in the 5th grade. Her birthday is February 10th. Ashley wanted you to know that she enjoys drawing, being with horses, or any kind of animals (We have a dog, 2 cats, lots of fish, and a snake! She wants a turtle.) She hopes to get a chance to swim with a manatee. Ashley is also looking forward to being close to the beach, being able to fish often, and being with her extended family. It so happens that out of 6 cousins, only one of them, Kimberly (a High School Junior who lives in Lakeland) is a girl. Kimberly is thrilled at the prospect of having another girl around! Ashley is an excellent student and is an avid reader. She happens to love strawberries too.

Andrew, age 9, is in the 3rd grade. His birthday is August 16th. He enjoys playing baseball, drums, and listening to music (sometimes rather loudly with his dad). He loves being outside and swimming and also likes to read. His favorite movies are Star Wars and Harry Potter. He is looking forward to fishing, playing basketball with his cousins in Bartow, and going to races at Sebring and Daytona, (again… with his dad). He is all boy and knows how to have fun and how to get really dirty!

As for me, I enjoy just about everything listed for Rebecca, Ashley, and Andrew. I enjoy fishing, auto racing, drumming, and tinkering with things. I love music and singing (but only with a group). I also enjoy model building, and working on our lawnmower (even though that’s out of necessity). I enjoy wood working, as well. I have an old 1973 914 VW / Porsche that I’d like to restore.

Of course, there are many other sides to us than we have mentioned here, but we hope this marks the beginning of a wonderful relationship. Again, we thank the Lord for this chance to do His work with you. Our prayers are with you all; we truly appreciate your prayers for us, as well. Blessing to all of you in Jesus’ name! God willing, we’ll see you at the Church!

Words cannot express the gratitude I have as you grant me the privilege of your pulpit. You are entrusting us with your most cherished beliefs and most precious traditions. It is our deepest hope and prayer that we may grow together in the Spirit of the Lord, and we will be able to continue a fine ministry that will bring honor and glory to the name of Jesus for this is clearly His Church.

Some thoughts on Christian ministry from Pastor Delph:

"In the Trinity, we find God reaching beyond Himself to find us and to bring us home. The church I hope to serve will be one that desires to participate in God’s evangelical mission to bring all people unto Himself. Sharing and exhibiting the Good News of Jesus with people must be at the core of the church’s mission because God has revealed to us that Jesus is solely the way, the truth and the life! The Trinity is God’s mission to the world and our mission for His church. The church I hope to serve will desire to participate in God’s effort to bring people to Himself both today and forever!

"I hope to serve a church that cares about education, discipleship, and Christian growth. The increase of the spiritual maturity of Christians was one of Paul’s great efforts. I believe we are called to learn and grow in our faith and service. I believe the Bible is God’s holy and inspired word, and that the Bible is the final rule and authority for faith and all areas of life. A primary term I use for my ministry is "teacher." Whether it is elder training, teaching the Bible, providing basic training for volunteers, leading youth, confirmation classes, or teaching practical Christian disciplines – education and discipleship will be significant parts of the church I desire to serve. Through the leading of the Holy Spirit, my goal is to help prepare people of all ages to know, enjoy, and serve the Lord."

"God came to free us from destructive lifestyles that neglect God’s wisdom and love. By His Word, God shows us the true source of life and the great challenge and joy of living a new life in Christ. By grace, God has done for us what we cannot do for ourselves by sending His Son to die for us, and His Spirit to dwell in us. In short, God, by his own gracious desire, power, and initiative, brings us home to Him. We have but one calling in the Church: to proclaim in the clearest possible terms this Good News about what God has done through Jesus!"


For you have been my hope, O Sovereign Lord, my confidence since my youth. Psalm 71:5,

Formal Education:

1981 - 1983: Polk Community College, Winter Haven Florida

1983 – 1985: Presbyterian College B. A., Christian Education

1985 – 1988: Columbia Theological Seminary, M. Div.

Continuing Education: Pursuing a D. Min. at the University of Dubuque Theological Seminary (currently in the second year of a 3-year Course.)


1995 – Present: Pastor/Head of Staff; First Presbyterian Church, Thomaston, GA 30286.

1988 – 1995: Associate Pastor of Youth and Christian Education; Spanish Fort Presbyterian Church, Spanish Fort, AL 36527; Suburban

1987 – 1988: Director of Children and Youth Ministries; Glen Haven Presbyterian Church, Decatur, GA. Urban Residential

1986 – 1987: Director of Jr. High Youth; Church of St. Andrew Presbyterian Church, Atlanta, GA. Suburban

Summer of 1986 Summer Intern; Fort Hill Presbyterian Church, Clemson, SC. College

1984 – 1985: Summer Youth Director; First Presbyterian Church, Bartow, FL.

Member and Chair of Presbytery’s Youth Ministry sub-committee of the Presbytery of South Alabama.

Member of the Christian Education Committee of the Presbytery of South Alabama.

Vice Chair of Presbytery’s Council of the Presbytery of Flint River. (Slated to be the next Chair of Council of the Presbytery of Flint River.)

Synod Commissioner of the Synod of the South Atlantic (2002).

Served on numerous National Youth Conference planning teams with Presbyterians For Renewal over the last ten years.