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Jumping rope or skipping is simple, does not need special equipment and the movement is simple. Even so, the benefits are quite a lot for health. Furthermore, if you’re looking for excellent jump ropes, we recommend you visit to find a guide to buy excellent jump ropes online.

It is not wrong if the government introduces special exercises that adopt jump rope movements. The gymnastics is intended for children, to introduce an active lifestyle early on.

Not only children, but adults can also play jump rope. Of course it doesn’t have to be with strands of rubber bracelets like the 90s generation, currently, there are many skipping ropes available with various types and designations.

Some of the benefits that can be gained from jumping rope are as follows.

1. Tighten the legs

Certainly, the most active part when playing jump rope is feet. As the name implies, the legs will jump a lot. Starting from the calf, hamstring or hamstrings, to the buttocks, all can be trained by varying the jump rope movement.

2. Effective weight loss

The Mayo Clinic calls skipping (another term for jump rope), together with running, as the most effective exercise for burning calories. One hour of jump rope playing is estimated to burn 861-1,074 calories, more than soccer which is only 752-937 calories.

3. Slimmer arms and abdomen

To rotate the rope, the hand will be very active. Likewise, to keep the posture upright while playing jump rope, core muscles that cover the abdominal muscles to the back will also be trained.

4. Healthy brain and nervous system

The most difficult variation is the rope crossing.

Cross or crossover is a variation of jump rope movement which is done by crossing the rope when jumping. There are at least two versions, namely cross front and backcross. Both need good coordination of motion, so the brain will be highly trained.