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A brand that also fills the crowded market of watch products is well-known to the public and the brand is Seiko. Seiko has existed for a long time by releasing various product variants. A little will be reviewed by some famous watches from Seiko. Meanwhile, if you’re not into Seiko collections, perhaps the shinola watches might suit you.

Seiko Chrono SND451K1 is made of titanium. This clock is able to provide a sense of comfort because of its light weight combined with a sporty round shape design right for your trendy appearance will be more attractive. Although the price is quite expensive, this type of clock is very high quality.

Seiko Titanium Chronograph SND451P1 is right for you who want light weight, comfort and ease of reading the clock. The classic design clock presents a vintage impression that is equipped with a battery indicator, and also a stopwatch function. Very supportive of your appearance and suitable to be combined with any of your clothes. Prices are relatively expensive, but you get a watch that is strong and durable.

Seiko Titanium Chronograph SND449P1 has a strong but still lightweight resistance, and is resistant to corrosion. Then there is the stopwatch function. What is impressive is that the design is blue for an elegant appearance, and because of the good quality it deserves if this type of Seiko is quite expensive.